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An ideal solution for small to medium scale industrial heating application
Abellon's Intelli Burner is a patented* solution designed to replace fossil fuels like Diesel, LPG, CNG, PNG, FO etc. based systems with a biomass based system which runs on a clean, cost effective and eco-friendly fuel i.e. Biomass Pellets. It is an ideal solution for small and medium scale industrial heating applications and can be fully integrated with existing systems like Boilers, Heaters, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Hot Air Generators, Hot Water Generators etc. The unique construction of burner allows it to be used in place of existing liquid or gaseous fossil fuels without significant changes in the system.
Particulars Unit Intelli Burner
Capacity kcal/hr 150000 to 400000
Peak Fuel Consumption kg/hr 100
Modulation in fuel firing kg/hr 35 to 100
Maxm. power consumption at Ignition kW 2.13
Average power consumption at peak output kW 0.75
(*Patent application no.: 2865/MUM/2013)
Features & Benefits
Identical Flame Structure like Oil or Gas burner
As a result, the burner does not affect heat transfer or any other physical or thermal properties of existing furnace or heat exchanger.
Easy installation
Due to a common Burner Plate, the installation Or removal of burner does not affect existing set-up and can be done in shortest possible time by unscrewing & screwing few nuts & bolts.
Fully Modulating Burner
It helps the burner to respond to fluctuating heat load without any manual intervention.
Easy Movement
Castor wheels are given to move burner easily.
Minimum Power Consumption
Average power consumption at peak output is only 0.75 kW
Inbuilt Fuel Storage capacity for longer duration
Inbuilt Pellet Storage Silo of 275 kg with automatic fuel feeder screw is provided in addition to service hopper of 25kg
Onsite Trials
For new applications and processes, we first audit or map the system. As an option, we provide free trial for few days. All arrangements are made by us, you would only be required to bear fuel cost for the trial period.
Onsite Repair
Components can be easily serviced or replaced at site. Our large service team is also available on call to support you.
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